Bernie Endorses Biden: Dems Move Towards Unity

Author: Sue C. | Category: Politics National | Date: 04-15-2020


Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden Monday night during a live streamed town hall event.  That Bernie’s endorsement came swiftly and was delivered in a warm and heartfelt manner surprised many, including Biden himself.

Perhaps it isn’t so surprising, given not only the purportedly good personal relationship between the two men, but also the fact that Biden moved quickly to adopt some key planks in Sanders’s and Warren’s platforms.  

Biden has embraced free college tuition in some form, student debt forgiveness (for those who have government loans and attended public universities), and medicare eligibility at age 60.  He has also adopted Warren’s bankruptcy reform plank.

However, Sanders’s endorsement does not mean that his followers are on board.  To generate support and enthusiasm among progressives, Biden will have to avoid making the same mistake that Hillary did when she chose Tim Kaine, a moderate, for VP.   

Biden must choose a progressive.  Instead of deluding himself by thinking that he should move to the center right as conventional “wisdom” dictates, he must move to the left.  Only by so doing can Biden generate the energy that is needed to consolidate and unite the democratic base.




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