About Us

Enlight21 is a learning community that encourages people to think about about key issues in a broad political, social, and economic context. We are a community that strives to help people deepen their understanding of critical subjects and connect the dots, often through a myriad of progressive lenses.

For those who do not yet consider themselves progressives, we will listen to you, so do not be shy about conveying your perspectives, but we ask that all viewpoints be expressed in a civil way.

Please note that we reserve the right to ban people who use vile language to attack others.

The communications tools that we provide--reading groups, blogs, opinions, films, news, queries—will give you opportunities to express your views, to learn, to ask questions, and to contemplate novel ways of thinking about critical macro and micro issues. In so doing, we hope that we will all work towards gaining a more solid understanding of not only ideas that have shaped our world but also the micro sphere of human self- perceptions and interpersonal dynamics.

Any questions, concerns, and suggestions should be sent to: admin@enlight21.com