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Stop shoreline degradation in Redwood City

Category: Environment | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

Letter to editor on stopping shoreline degradation, in RWC, by considering development on the salt ponds.

Public Internet- the road less travelled.

Category: Environment | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

The many environmental benefits from not driving range from reduced asthma to crash deaths. These benefits have become clearer because Covid-19 has forced us to work from home. The many benefits can be made permanent if policy makers deliver robust Public High Speed Internet. The climate needs the s...

Public high speed internet for all is a necessity post-Covid

Category: Environment | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

The present economy has been vicious and dehumanizing in how people of color have been treated. A post-covid economy needs to address inequities. A place to start is by providing public high speed internet for all.

What’s wrong with this picture? Everything

Category: Environment | Food | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

Media needs to stop fringe amplification and focus on the larger questions raised by the Covid 19 pandemic. Picture from https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article242946886.html

A Benefit of Covid19: Slow Streets

Category: Environment | Author: Sue C.

Most people have noticed the much cleaner air quality in their own neighborhoods and around the world during the recent Covid19 lockdowns. But is it just a transient benefit, one doomed to disappear when we're back to business as usual?

Don't let policy makers say density is the problem

Category: Books | Environment | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

Density and competent leadership have meant the difference between life and death under Covid 19.

Sanders Endorses Biden: Dems Moving Towards Unity

Category: Politics | Author: Sue C.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden Monday night during a live streamed town hall event.

COVID-19 and Climate Change

Category: Environment | Health | Author: Kwickham

Thoughts about the intersection and similarities between our response to the corona virus pandemic and climate change.

Greening our Urban Environment with Sustainable Streets: Presented by Gita Dev

Category: Environment | Author: Alexx

Public streets are a huge public asset that must be better managed in an imaginative and integrated way. This program lays a path for Cities to explore how to better fund, design, build, manage and maintain streets to optimize performance on many dimensions by design for a healthy Urban Canopy and ...

UCLA Gymnast Seeks to De-Stigmatize Mental Health in the Student Athlete Community

Category: Sports | Author: Belicia Tang

This is the story of Anna Glenn, a member of the UCLA gymnastics team. Her personal mission is to de-stigmatize mental health in the student-athlete community.