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Obstacles to Medicare for All

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Two primary obstacles are:  

  1. The for-profit private healthcare insurance companies,  hospitals,  and big pharma will fight Medicare-for-All to the bitter end.  They have everything to lose and nothing to gain.
  2. People who are covere...

Immigration 101: History of Immigration Law and Current Situation

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First, a few key historical facts about Immigration in the U.S.:

  1. Until 1965, American immigration law has always been racist, starting with the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act:  The Western Hemisphere, or European immigrants, have always had much higher quotas than immigrants fr...

Green New Deal 101

Category: Economy | Society | Lifestyles | Politics National | Education

The idea of a “Green New Deal” has been germinating for a little over 20 years  in the U.S. and U.K.  The name is inspired by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s when his administration  created a whole host of new programs and social safet...

How Amazon Gobbles Up Small Businesses

Category: Business | Technology | Economy | Society | Politics National

The way Amazon competes and the power of its monopoly are seldom highlighted in the media. Elizabeth Warren mentions it frequently as the reason why breaking up big tech is important, because the “winner take all” monopolies like Facebook, Apply, Google, and Amazon depresses competiti...

A Middle Class is Essential to Democracies

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It's no secret that America's middle class is in decline. But while we focus on how that decline started (and who is to blame), we often forget to consider what happens if our middle class is wiped out entirely.

If we don't work to restore the American middle class to the vi...

Reasons to Worry About the Disappearing American Middle Class

Category: Business | Economy | Society | Lifestyles | Politics National

Despite gains in national income over the past half-century, American households in the middle of the distribution have experienced very little income growth in recent decades…The stagnant growth in median incomes is in stark contrast to the income trajectories of those at the very top of ...

Automation is Not the Main Reason for Low Wages and Job Loss

Category: Business | Science | Technology | Economy | Society | Human Interest

In an opinion piece, Princeton economist Paul Krugman states that while many people assume that automation is the main reason for job loss and low wages, this is just not the case. Instead, it is the lopsided power balance between employers and workers, a trend since the 1970s, that is responsibl...

Madeleine Albright: 21st Century Fascism

Category: Society | Lifestyles | Human Interest | Politics National

The rise of demagogues with autocratic tendencies--men who can rally certain segments of society using nativist, racist, and fake populist appeals--is an emerging trend today. Madeleine Albright and Bill Woodward have written a book, Fascism: A Warning, about how Hitler and Mussolini rose to powe...

Don’t Blame the Robots for Manufacturing Job Losses in U.S.

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This piece by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is based on studies comparing countries’ levels of automation and job loss. It concludes that while there is a relationship, it is definitely not the only reason. Why? Countries like Germany where industries are much more mechanized/automate...