A Middle Class is Essential to Democracies

Author: Alexx | Category: Business | Economy | Society | Lifestyles | Human Interest | Politics National | Date: 11-13-2019


It's no secret that America's middle class is in decline. But while we focus on how that decline started (and who is to blame), we often forget to consider what happens if our middle class is wiped out entirely.

If we don't work to restore the American middle class to the vibrant, robust segment of our nation it once was, we may soon witness the end of small-d democracy as we know it. As history and nature both show us, working for the collective good is essential to a functioning democracy, and the natural outcome of that work is a strong and vibrant middle class.(more)




Jake Kim April 6, 2020 11:39 am

I agree with what this article has to say. A democracy is supposed to represent the people, and the middle class is the best group, as they aren't impoverished but aren't filthy rich. The middle class bridges the gap between the higher and lower class, so without it, most of the attention ... Read more would probably go to the higher class, due to their heavy influence. Also, this will probably worsen the gap between the higher and lower classes, which is why I fully agree that the middle class is crucial Less

Kylee Kim March 29, 2020 11:20 am

Our nation is built on democracy, but with the decline in our middle class, it's hard to envision our society to stand using this system. Because the middle class is considered to be the "natural state of man" it is only fair that we would get a voice in our country. After numerous studies, ... Read more researchers have found that the disappearing of the middle class would mean that our natural state of being a democracy, would also die. To help maintain the middle class would mean that everyone would have to have access to a sustainable lifestyle, which in the midst of our capitalist system, would be increasingly difficult for those that find themselves impoverished or struggling. Less