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Author: Roy Ho | Category: Unkown category | Date: 09-28-2020

On the liberal-conservative spectrum, I would classify myself as a liberal. Starting off with number 1 of the important issues, I feel like it is unfair to those who cannot afford healthcare. I feel like health should not be something that is expensive and that you have to pay for just so you are healthy. This Is why I think universal healthcare is good, because it does not matter where you come from or what your social status is, if you are in need of health care, you will get it, with no strings attached. For example, if you are in critical need of help, getting care for your needs should not cost money and money should not be your first worry, your health should be. Moving on to number 2, I 100% support the idea that women get to choose whether or not they want to have an abortion or not; they should not be penalized for choosing something that has to do with their own body. It seems totally unreasonable that it would be considered a crime for a woman to choose to do something with her own body. Finally, for number 3, I agree with the idea of regulating gun ownership. By regulating gun ownership, we can help prevent mass shootings, killings, and much more violence by making sure that if you are to own a gun, it is not in the wrong hands. We have seen so many times that guns have gotten into the wrong hands, which killed many innocent civillians. 



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