Question: What is Racialized Xenophobia?

Category: Politics | By: Sue C.


Can someone answer this query?

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Question: Is Affirmative Action in College Admissions Unfair?

Category: Education | Politics | Society | By: Alexx


I have been troubled by special breaks that some applicants get in college admissions…I think all of these special breaks should be abolished.  Do you think so too?


Let’s first look at the main preference categori...

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Question: Question: Is Attempted Bribery A Crime?

Category: Politics | By: Alexx


Because of the impeachment inquiry, we are hearing a lot about “quid pro quo,“ corruption,” and “bribery.” The White House says that because the aid to Ukraine went through at the end after the whole situation was exposed, no one is guilty of anything. Is this true?<...

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