Warren-Sanders Unity Ticket

To have a good chance of winning, progressives must form a unity ticket before the July Democratic National Convention.

This is the case, because if no candidate gets a majority (over 50%) of the pledged delegate vote on the first ballot, the superdelegates come into play in...

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Progressives and The Electability Question

The conventional wisdom is that in the primaries, candidates tend to be more extreme—for Dems, this means tilting left--as they try to stand out among the field of candidates, but after a nominee has been chosen, he/she will run to the middle, hoping to appeal to independents and moderates....

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Can Dems Win Back the White House in 2020 with a Moderate Candidate?

While media commentators have focused on the energy generated by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and its leading campaign issue—Medicare-for-All—this could be deceptive.  In this article, the author shows that for the 2018 mid0term elections, significantly more moder...

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Why Universal Basic Income Will Not Work

Universal Basic Income, or UBI, is an idea that has been promoted by “progressive” capitalists who are not interested in fundamental structural changes.  Instead, they advocate glitzy band aids slapped on gushing wounds, believing that such measures would alleviate serious proble...

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Automation is Not the Main Reason for Low Wages and Job Loss

In an opinion piece, Princeton economist Paul Krugman states  that while many people assume that automation is the main reason for job loss and low wages, this is just not the case.  Instead, it is the lopsided power balance between employers and workers, a trend since the 1970s, that i...

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Don’t Blame the Robots for Manufacturing Job Losses in U.S.

This piece by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is based on studies comparing countries’ levels of automation and job loss.  It concludes that while there is a relationship, it is definitely not the only reason.  Why?  Countries like Germany where industries are much more m...

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