Sierra Club's Battleground 2020 Campaign: Call for Volunteers

Author: Sue C. | Category: Politics National | Date: 05-15-2020


The upcoming general election in November of this year is the most important election since FDR’s 1932 victory.  That year, FDR defeated incumbent Herbert Hoover, a conservative Republican  who was viewed by Americans at the time as the person responsible for exacerbating unemployment, bank failures, and business closures in the aftermath of the 1929 stock market crash.

 If you are eager to play a role in unseating the current administration and help bring about a Democratic senate, as well as ensure that the House remains in Democratic hands, then the Sierra club invites you to join its grassroots get-out-the-vote operation, Battleground 2020.

To sign up, click on this link

The Sierra Club’s Battleground2020 campaign is a well-organized effort that will target 4 states--Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.  If the Dems win these 4 states, they win.    

There may be readers who are wondering why America’s biggest and oldest environmental organization is taking sides politically.  The answer is simple.  The vast majority of Democratic politicians are much more committed to protecting our environment, combating climate change, and ensuring clean air/water than their Republican counterparts.  

For the Sierra Club, America is in a desperate situation:  Under the current administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been all but gutted and environmental regulations repealed en masse.  Four more years of Republican dominance means further acceleration of environmental degradation, perhaps to the point of no return.

The Sierra Club’s two asks for volunteers are:

1.  Devote 3 hours a week to texting, calling, or letter writing between now and November 3rd.

2.  Step up  your involvement during the 2 weeks before the election--between October 24th and November 3rd.

Volunteers will join text, phone, and letter-writing teams and you will know exactly what to do and when once you sign up.

To sign up, go to:  
If you have questions, email:

This is the most consequential election in our lifetimes, and time is running out!



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