Local Climate Actions Are Critical

Author: Alexx | Category: Environment | Date: 11-29-2019


Actions to combat climate change need to focus much more on local actions.  Protecting open spaces, wetlands, wildlife, ecosystems, and getting local municipalities to prioritize transit-oriented housing and green building codes are all key actions that all of us can participate in.  

It has always been important to take local actions, but it is especially important now because the Trump administration has rolled back many environmental protection regulations (in particular limits on carbon emissions) given the green light to fossil fuel companies, and has started the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.  The U.S. had promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 25% by 2025, from 2005 levels, a goal that will definitely not be reached. 

But we should not despair. Take action wherever you live!
The Sierra Club in the SF Bay Area is actively engaged in local climate actions.  These are some of the key actions members are undertaking in late 2019 through 2020:     

They are lobbying local city councils and county governments to do the following:
1.    Declare a state of climate emergency.  (more)
2.    Adopt aggressive green building codes to expedite the process of transitioning away from fossil fuels (gas) through electrification.
3.    Divestment: Stop investing government funds in the stocks and bonds of fossil fuel companies and related entities.
4.    Stop allowing developers to destroy valuable ecosystems (such as San Francisco Bay) by building on them.

You can participate by contacting your local Sierra Club office, or by working with other groups such as 350.org.

Link for Sierra Club:   https://www.sierraclub.org/ 

Link for 350.org:    https://350.org/



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