The Difference Between Warren and Sanders

Author: Alexx | Category: Democrats | Date: 11-29-2019


Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders seem to agree on a lot of issues—Medicare for All,  Free College,  Taxing the Rich,  Forgiving College Loan Debt and more.  The two are in complete agreement that the system is currently rigged in favor of the rich and corporations. .  So, what are the differences between the two?

For those who are watching their campaigns closely, they will know that Warren believes in markets and that she is a capitalist “to the bone.”   She believes that a well-regulated capitalist system  can lead to shared prosperity.   Bernie, on the other hand, self-identifies as a “democratic socialist.”  It is unclear whether he thinks capitalism is salvageable, and when asked about how his goals can be achieved, he often alludes to a “political revolution” that transfers a large share of power to the masses. 

As for the demographics of their supporters, there are also significant differences:  Warren’s supporters tend to be highly educated (post-grad degrees), female, and avid followers of  political news. Bernie’s supporters, on the other hand, tend to be  less educated, male,  and don’t follow the news much.  Also, many of Bernie’s supporters say that Biden is their 2nd choice, while Warren’s supporters name Kamala Harris as their 2nd choice.  

So, if either one drops out, it’s not certain that a substantial proportion of his or her supporters will support the other candidate. 

This article in the Washington Post delineates their differences succinctly: (more)



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