Prediction: Dem Victory in 2020

Author: Alexx | Category: Democrats | Date: 11-29-2019


Professor Rachel Bitecofer, the assistant director of the Wason Center for Public Policy at Virginia’s Christopher Newport University, accurately predicted that Democrats would gain 42 sits in 2018 (Dems gained 40). 

Now she predicts that Donald Trump will lose in 2020 to almost any Dem opponent except for a “disruptor” like Bernie.  She bases this prediction on a unique model.  The main premise that she bases her model on is that elections are now driven by “negative partisanship.”

According to Bitecofer, one important factor now that did not exist in 2016 is that the electorate was complacent in 2016, but no more-- many people are horrified by President Trump and regard him as the “Terminator.”  This fear will defeat him, she predicts.  (more).



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