Book Review

This Fight Is Our Fight

By: Elizabeth Warren | Category: Biography & Autobiography | Political Science | Business & Economics | Year: 2017 ISBN: 9781250120625

In this new book (published 2018), Elizabeth Warren discusses how America’s middle class was a vibrant, upwardly mobile segment of society and explains how and why it has been severely decimated over the past 35 years, a process that started with Ronald Reagan’s presidency. This precipitous decline of America’s large middle class is at the root of the huge income inequality that is plaguing our country currently. All is not gloom and doom, however, as she provides ways—structural changes—that can reverse the tide.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Why is it important to strengthen America’s middle class?
  2. What and who are responsible for the precipitous decline of the middle class? What are the key conservative ideas that are trotted out to justify the dismal state of affairs among America’s middle/working class?
  3. Which stories did you find the most compelling?
  4. What is the conventional explanation for America’s huge income inequality? What are the typical “remedies” that many people usually think of when it comes to tackling the income inequality problem?
  5. What is Elizabeth Warren’s approach to the problem of income inequality. How does it differ from conventional proposals?
  6. Do you still think ineluctable technological progress is at the root of job losses and the disempowerment of America’s middle and working class?
  7. Your general thoughts?



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