Book Review

The Hidden Life of Trees

By: Peter Wohlleben | Category: Nature | Science | Year: 2016 ISBN: 9781771642491

After reading this, you will never look at trees in the same way again. Using scientific data, Wohlleben shows us that trees are social beings who nurture their young, protect their kin, take care of the sick, share nutrients, and communicate constantly with other trees in their ecosystem. His overall message is that eco-friendly forest environments (NOT “managed” plantation forests) are best for the health of trees as trees thrive when they take care of themselves, their kin, and their community. This is a must read.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. How do trees take care of their young?
  2. How do tree communities communicate?
  3. Do you think the author crosses the line from science to fiction in his narrative? If yes, how does he cross the line?
  4. Does the author anthropomorphize trees too much?
  5. General thoughts?



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