Book Review

On Fire

By: Naomi Klein | Category: Nature | Political Science | Year: 2019 ISBN: 9781982129910

Klein’s book is flawless — far from it — but because it makes a strong case for tackling the climate crisis as not just an urgent undertaking, but an inspiring one, states Jeremy Rifkin, in his review of Naomi Klein’s new book, On Fire. 

A short and relatively breezy read, On Fire urges  our elected federal officials to take the bold step of pursuing a “10-year national mobilization” plan that would drastically reduce carbon emissions (to zero), re-orient our economy by focusing on green industries, and adopt a labor policy that guarantees “family-sustaining wages” with social safety nets, chief among which is universal quality health care.

What Naomi Klein is calling for is a re-visioning of government’s role by reviving an FDR style “government for the common good” paradigm.  And, implicit in Klein’s 21st century vision of a Green New Deal is a profound critique of capitalism’s greed-driven dynamic that has brought us to the brink of environmental Armageddon.  

We cannot agree more with what Rifkin, the aforementioned New York Times reviewer, said:  If I were a rich man, I’d buy 245 million copies of Naomi Klein’s “On Fire” and hand-deliver them to every eligible voter in America.  (more)



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