Book Review


By: Michelle Obama | Category: Biography & Autobiography | Self-Help | Year: 2018 ISBN: 9781524763152

An engaging read, this autobiographical account of Michelle Robinson Obama’s life offers more than just a narrative of her life from her childhood to the present. Not only does it offer insights into Barack Obama’s domestic side, but more important than that, it provides an intimate window into the African-American middle class, which may shatter stereotypes many people have of how minorities navigate through the shoals of a white-dominated society.

It is also an inspirational read of one family’s history as you can’t help but admire how the Robinsons’ unrelenting aspirational mindset and high expectations contributed to the choices she made as family was the bedrock of her life.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What do you think of Michelle Obama after reading the book?
  2. Your thoughts on Barack Obama?
  3. What were some salient facts/events that stood out to you?
  4. Do you feel as you’ve gained a deeper understanding of the black middle class, or do you see this mostly as just one family’s story?
  5. How do you think race has shaped Michelle Obama life?



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