Book Review

A Fighting Chance

By: Elizabeth Warren | Category: Biography & Autobiography | Political Science | Business & Economics | Year: 2014 ISBN: 9781627790536

A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren This book by Elizabeth Warren interweaves significant events in her personal life with her political battles for a more just capitalist system—she recounts her battles against increasingly harsh bankruptcy legislation, her unsuccessful attempt to stop the bailout of big banks in the Great Recession of 2007, and her ultimately victorious effort to convince Obama to establish a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s a well-paced, engaging read that reaches a climax at the end with a riveting account of her 2012 senate campaign.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Did this book change your opinion of Elizabeth Warren? Explain.
  2. Does this account give you a better idea of how a President Warren might govern?
  3. Was there anything from her background—her childhood and her young adult years—that you think shaped her character?
  4. What impressed you the most?
  5. Your overall thoughts? What resonated with you?



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