Quintessential Classics

Organizer: Belicia Tang


Classics are the bread-and-butter of grade school English curricula, but for many people, exposure to such timeless literature ends after 12th grade. This group is perfect for those who want to expand their intellectual bounds, become more "cultured", revisit some favorite books from high school, or cross off some items on their long-neglected "must-reads" list. 

Whether you're a curious high school student, freshly-minted college grad, well-read scholar or retired professional, learning is a life-long pursuit, and reading classics is a great way to think deeply and nurture both mind and soul. 

Current Read

The Return of the Native

By: Belicia Tang

ISBN: 9780486431659


Passionate Eustacia Vye detests her life amid the dreary environs of Egdon Heath and spies her escape when Clym Yeobright returns from Paris. Hardy's timeless tale of a romantic misalliance embodies his view of character as fate and underscores the tragic nature of ordinary human lives. The Return of the Native ranks among the author's greatest works.

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