The overemphasis of sports in America

Author: Leo Lin | Category: Unkown category | Date: 10-11-2020

I believe that involvement in sport is very overemphasized in the USA. Parents are pushing kids to play sports starting at a young age and also squeezing in competitions or practices during school days, which could affect the kid’s education. 


I started playing golf from when I was in third grade which I believe is not considered young at all. However, some of my friends started playing sports since they were very little, at maybe 4-6 years old and kept playing that sport since them. I feel like because the kids started playing sports at such a young age, they will have no say in what sports they want to play as it is mostly up to the parents to decide. This may lead the kid to be very bored of the sport in their teens and combined with the parents encouragement of continuing to play the sport, the kid may feel stressed. It can leave them with no time to pursue their own interests. Also despite the health benefits of playing sports, it can also lead to injuries which can devastate people’s lives. Also, probably the only reason why parents are pushing kids to play sports is to also get into a good college in the future. This is also worsened by competition among the millions of citizens living in the USA with colleges only accepting the very best.


I also see that some of my friends have to skip school in order to play in tournaments or squeeze in extra practice. This may affect the children’s education as they could be missing important tests or lectures that are vital to the subject they are being taught. Also constant practice may have an effect on the brain causing to overwork and not focus that much on their subject. Of course, to a rising star player, academics are not that important except the majority of student athletes are not going to become a professional sport player. Sports has been over emphiese to the point where kids are intentionally missing class to do sport.


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