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Author: Ethan Matsuda | Category: Unkown category | Date: 09-28-2020

Politics have always been points of conflict and disagreement among the American people and will likely always be. On the one hand there are the conservatives who are generally against health care for all, against abortion rights for women, and against regulating gun use. On the other hand, there are the liberals who are generally for health care for all, giving women reproductive rights, and regulating gun ownership. Personally, I believe that I am more of a liberal because I agree with their stance on the three main political issues.


As the name goes, health care for all provides free health care for all American citizens. Personally I agree with this notion that health care should be free for all American citizens because having health care could be the difference between life and death. For many in the lower socioeconomic classes, health care can be extremely expensive, leaving many vulnerable and unprotected. While many conservatives may argue that health care for all is counterproductive because it doesn’t reward the people who “worked hard” for their wealth, these people fail to understand that even the poorest of poor people can and have worked hard just to stay alive. They fail to see that being raised in a poor environment limits the opportunities for education and work that others may have. Therefore, free health care would be a big step forward in the right direction and help out so many impoverished families in America.


Abortion has also been a major cause of conflict between the two political groups. While many liberals support a woman’s choice to abort her baby as their personal rights, many conservatives, especially religious conservatives, disagree with this notion and claim that it is wrong to kill an unborn child. In many churches, abortion is seen as inhumane and wrong, almost equivalent to murder. While I can see why many may think this, I also believe that it should be a woman’s choice what she wants to do with her body. Especially if that baby was conceived out of rape or just never meant to be born, I believe that a woman should be able to choose whether she wants to have the baby or not.


The third and final major topic of disagreement between liberals and conservatives is the regulation of guns. While many liberals are trying to make it harder for someone to purchase a firearm, many conservatives argue that it is their right to have a gun because it is written in the constitution. Gun violence has been very prominent throughout the last few years and has taken countless innocent lives. I believe guns are truly terrible weapons because they can end somebody’s life in an instant. While I do acknowledge that it is written in the constitution to be able to own a firearm, I also believe that times have changed, and with the introduction of automatic rifles hitting our schools in America, I believe that it is time to begin harsher regulations on gun use.


Overall, I agree with the liberals on these three main points of conflicts more than I do with the conservatives. I believe that health care should be free for all, women should have the choice whether they want to abort a baby or not, and  that we need to regulate gun use much more.


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Sue C.
These are compelling arguments in support of the liberal stance on 3 critical issues. Thank you, Ethan.

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