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Disease migration and the expanding tropics

Category: Environment | Food | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

We need to prevent the loss of forests, restrict airline travel, and the stop the expanding tropics by getting off fossil fuels. Photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim, Aedes Aegypti in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bike Lanes

Category: Education | Environment | Author: Victoria Lin

Bike lanes can be immensely beneficial to our daily lives. It’s a small, but critical step towards our fight for a better environment.

Alternative proteins

Category: Environment | Food | Author: Hayden Leung

Reducing our consumption of meat is an important step in lessening our greenhouse gas emissions. There are a number of alternatives available.

Safe Streets

Category: Education | Environment | Author: Rachel Liu

What are safe streets? And why are they important?

Housing Density Near Transit Corridors

Category: Environment | Author: Ariel L

Exploring Housing Density Near Transit Corridors & It's Benefits For The Environment

What does it mean to stop clearcutting?

Category: Education | Environment | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

Tree removal results in the loss, of carbon from seven different sinks, biodiversity, and clean water. As we struggle with global warming we need to quickly develop a new way to prevent tree loss.

Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery and the Local Green New Deal.

Category: Business | Career | Economics | Environment | Food | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

We have an opportunity to rebuild our neighborhoods so they work for residents through the Green New Deal. Squandering this opportunity for the good old days only entrenches racism and climate change.

Stop shoreline degradation in Redwood City

Category: Environment | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

Letter to editor on stopping shoreline degradation, in RWC, by considering development on the salt ponds.

Public Internet- the road less travelled.

Category: Environment | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

The many environmental benefits from not driving range from reduced asthma to crash deaths. These benefits have become clearer because Covid-19 has forced us to work from home. The many benefits can be made permanent if policy makers deliver robust Public High Speed Internet. The climate needs the s...

Public high speed internet for all is a necessity post-Covid

Category: Environment | Health | Author: Gladwyn d'Souza

The present economy has been vicious and dehumanizing in how people of color have been treated. A post-covid economy needs to address inequities. A place to start is by providing public high speed internet for all.