If Children were accustomed to death

Author: Leo Lin | Category: Unkown category | Date: 10-05-2020

In a world where children are not sheltered from death, there are many consequences, some good, some bad. In all cases, it will alter the world we know today.


A consequence of that is that children will no longer feel very sad about any deaths that occured in their life. The first and second time, the child sees a person die, will have a profound effect, but that effect diminishes over time. As the children grow, they will know that living is temporary and death is permanent and that all people die, even their loved ones. It can teach them how to deal with troubling times and become more resilient overall. Being exposed to death can also teach the children important life lessons such as being kind or not being too possessive of their objects.


However, a terrible consequence is that it might increase violent crimes worldwide. Since children grow up with the knowledge that death happens, it can cause them to disregard other people’s lives and potentially put them in danger. An example is that a child might throw knives at other people and if the other people die, they think it is okay since everyone will die. It also may cause people to become more prone to war as they may see that mass killing is okay.


Despite these potential negative impacts, I believe that forcing children to deal with death will have a positive impact on their life as it will teach them to value life more and also teach them life lessons.


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Belicia Tang
Hi Leo: I agree that talking about death with children may prepare them better for the first time they witness the death of a loved one. I do not necessarily think that open conversation will prevent children from feeling sad about death. I think perhaps the initial trauma and shock surrounding ...Read more death may subside with more exposure and open discussion about a usually taboo topic, but that does not necessarily mean kids-- or adults, for that matter-- will not experience grief when their loved ones die. I think your second claim that talking about death will increase the rate of violence/crime is quite far-fetched. In discussing death with children, we aren't enabling them to take death lightly, and certainly are not justifying violent acts of murder. The author's point is that we should talk to children about death in order to normalize the topic and expose them to the reality they will inevitably face in life. Less

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