How Come I Don't Feel As Old As Older People Seemed To Me when I was Younger?

Author: Roy Ho | Category: Unkown category | Date: 07-27-2020

Something that I will always have trouble understanding is how I will never feel as old as the kids who were older than me when I was younger.. For example, when I was in 6th grade, I always thought how 8th graders seemed so much older, and in 8th, how the kids in high school seemed so much older. Now that I am growing up, it seems that I will never feel as old as how the older grades seemed when I was younger. I really do not know how to explain this situation, but now that I am a rising junior in highschool, I still do not feel as old as the juniors when I saw them as a freshman. This is truly a really simple question to answer, which is just that I am growing up, but I know a lot of kids my age feel the same about this topic. I just started to realize that no matter what, I will never feel as old as I viewed older people when I was younger than them, and it is something that I am fine with. This is just something that I wanted to talk about.



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Sue C.
Interesting, Roy. I suppose when you are looking "up" at older people, they seem more exalted and "older," but when you get to their age, you can no longer see them (people your own age) from the same vantage point because you are not younger than they are. You are no longer looking "up."

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